Trumbull Rotary Carnival



Welcome to the Rotary Carnival, an annual fun event for the entire family.  The Carnival is held at Hillcrest Middle School (off Daniel's Farm Rd.) in Trumbull, typically during the week of Spring Break.  Come for lots of fun, Carnival games and rides and delicious food.  Take advantage of discount ticket books and unlimited ride bracelets.

Enjoying the Rides


The Trumbull Rotary Carnival raises money for local and international charity projects and to cover club expenses.  Fundraising comes from operation of the food tent and a portion of ticket sales.


Ticket Prices


All Day wrist bands at $25.00 and gives you access to all the rides as much as you can get in.  This is your best bet if you are planning to be at the carnival for a while.  Wristbands can be used only by a single person and are for use on a single day.

You can also buy individual tickets.  Each rides is either 2 or 3 tickets for admission.

Individual Tickets - $1.50

Book of 22 tickets available at a discount

Book of 36 tickets available at a discount

Individual tickets an be used on any of the days during the week the carnival is open.

No Credit cards are accepted, cash sales only and all sales are final with no refunds.  An ATM machine is available on site for cash withdrawals.



Food Tent


Come wet your whistle or fill up your stomach.  Our Food tent offers cheeseburgers, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, french fries, fried dough and fried oreo's.  We also offer a variety of chips, soda, water and candy.


 Staffing the Food Tent




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