Trumbull Rotary Club Carnival is April 14-17, 2016.
All-Day Wrist Band $25.00 - all the rides you can get in for $25.  That is an amazing price!
6-10 Wednesday to Friday
1-10 Saturday
1-5 Sunday

Carnival happens every year during the spring break in April.


Hillcrest Middle School
530 Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull, CT


Welcome to the Rotary Carnival, an annual fun event for the entire family.  The carnival is held at Hillcrest Middle School (off Daniel's Farm Rd.) in Trumbull, typically during the week of Spring Break. Come for lots of fun Carnival rides and delicious food. Take advantage of discount ticket books and unlimited ride bracelets.

The Trumbull Rotary Carnival raises money for local and international charity projects. All the club proceeds come from ticket sales and our food booth.


There will be 

Wristbands for unlimited rides as well as...

Individual tickets you can buy sheets of tickets:
- Sheet of 22 tickets
- Sheet of 36 tickets

The rides are either 2 or 3 tickets each.

Tickets are sold at the ticket booth. Rides require two or three tickets per ride. Wristbands that let you ride all the rides for a single price on a single day are quite a bargain. Discount ticket books are always available. All carnival purchases are in cash.


There is an ATM machine available for your convenience.


Ticket Book
All-Day Wrist Band
Each ride requires 2 to 3 tickets. Generally the "Kiddie" rides require fewer tickets than the adult "Scary" rides.


Wristbands can be a real bargain One individual may ride many rides for a single price. Wristbands can be used only by a single person and are for use on a single day. So plan your time at the carnival prior to your purchase and evaluate all the options so you get the best bargain.

Gourmet Carnival cuisine is available at the Rotary food tent. The menu offers cheeseburgers, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, a variety of chips, soda, water and candy. The carnival snack wagon features nachos, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, and lots more.